Kinnobuta is a well-established karaoke in the Japanese town area.
There are 50 Vietnamese ladies who are enrolled in Kinnobuta.
One person and a large number of people are welcome.
The price is also set at a friendly and conscientious price, so you can enjoy here.

Street address 14B Ngo Van Nam St. Dist.1. Ho Chi Minh
phone number 090 3379 098(Mr.Umi)
business hours 19:00–Midnight
Regular holiday NO
Reservation OK
Credit card Card OK

Recommended menu

  • All you can drink (Basic plan)

    No time limit, all you can drink, all you can sing, nomination of one woman. $ 40

  • Bottle keep

    You can keep a bottle for free. The period is half a year. $ 0

    Shochu: Iichiko, Kuro-Kirishima, etc ... $ 60
    Whiskey: A wide variety is available. Perfect for whiskey people. $ 80
    Hennessy: The finest cognac. $ 150
    Soft drinks: cola, orange juice. $ 6

  • Table charge

    The bottle keep is more advantageous than all you can drink. $ 25



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090 3379 098 090 3379 098