"For You" is a nightly karaoke shop in the Japanese town Retanton area. We will make every effort to satisfy Ho Chi Minh residents, business people and travelers.

In For You, a total of 40 beautiful Vietnamese women welcome you with their colorful blue Ao Dai. You can chat with a girl in the private karaoke room, enjoy karaoke and drink, and use it for entertainment, reception, and a party after a party.

0084-908-297-792 (Ms. Hana)
0084-908-326-969 (Ms. Thao)
※ Japanese language available
※ The above phone numbers are connected in both Japan and Vietnam.
Recently, there are an increasing number of vicious stores that invite Foryou visiting customers to other stores by deceiting Foryou's name. ”For you” is the main store only, there are no sister stores or partner stores. Please do not make a mistake. If you need, we will pick you up.
The karaoke room can accommodate groups of 2 to 4 people and 17 people. Because the atmosphere is different, we will guide you to the best room for your usage. With the concept of peace of mind, security and trust, we pledge to welcome customers with a smile so that they can say “I will come again”.

Street address 8/10 LE THANH TON ST, DIST 1,HCMC
phone number (+84) 908 297 792 ( MS.HOA )
(+84) 908 326 969 ( Ms. Thao )
business hours 19:00–00:00
Regular holiday NO
Other Pick-up OK / Chip incl.
Number of seats 70
Reservation OK
Credit card Card OK

Recommended menu

  • All-you-can-drink

    ・room fee, karaoke fee, nomination for one girl * excludes some alcohol) $ 40
    ・Room charge (room and karaoke only, for bottle-keeping repeaters) $ 25

  • Ladies Charge

    ・nominate additional girls, for bottle-keeping repeaters) $ 12
    ・A drink to the lady (if you like a girl) $ 7

  • Drinks

    ・Whiskey (Price varies depending on brand) $ 50- $ 220
    ・Shochu (Iichiko or Kuro-Kirishima * Price varies depending on brand) $ 80
    ・Soft drink (cola, soda, mineral water, lemon juice, orange juice, mango juice) $ 6
    ・Beer (Tiger, Heineken, 333) $ 6
    ・All-you-can-drink karaoke + 1 hour free foot massage (one hour free massage at the SENSE SPA) $ 55
    ・All-you-can-drink karaoke + 90 minutes free body massage (90-minute free body massage at SENSE SPA)

Store introduction movie



店も綺麗だし、スタッフの対応も良かったです。 日本人街にあるので安心していくことができました。 変な店に行くとボラれてしまうからね。 ここは、大丈夫な店でしたね。 アオザイコンパニオンも綺麗な人が多かったです。 一度、行って見て下さい。満足すると思うよ。


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