There is a small bar run by a Vietnamese beauty manager at the back of the Japanese town of Le Thanh Thong.
The owner is Japanese so it's a safe store. While there are many lively and gorgeous shops, it is like a home bar where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Please visit if you want to be healed by beautiful and gentle girls.


Seat charge: Free (when ordering a ladies' drink)
Sofa charge: 200,000VND / 1 person
Ladies' drink: 150,000 VND / person
Service charge & VAT: 15%

☆Customers who make a reservation through this site receive a free welcome beer.
         (Only welcome beer is not available.)

You can also order a ladies drink and get a free seat charge!

Street address 15B/72 Le Thanh Ton
phone number 0909779840
business hours 20:00-25:30
Regular holiday No
Number of seats 8 seats at the counter, sofa for 6 people
Reservation OK
Credit card Card OK(VISA/MASTER/JCB)Fee 3%

Recommended menu

  • Our bar has a variety of rare beers that are hard to drink in Japan! Please try! !

    ・ Leffe:200000
    ・Stella Artois:180000

    Of course, we also have a familiar beer.
    ・Corona :150000
    ・ Heineken :140000
    ・Sapporo :130000
    ・Saigon Special :120000
    ・Tiger :120000

  • Other drink menu

    ・ Glass (shochu, whiskey, plum wine): 140,000-
    ・ Bottle (shochu, whiskey, plum wine): 1,800,000-
    ・ In addition, there are many cocktails, champagnes, wines, etc.

  • ★ Authentic massage

    There is a full-fledged massage offered at a 5-star hotel.

    Why don't you heal tired body by work or trip?
    The price is up to you.
    If you like it, give a tip or Ladies drink please.



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